Monday Colloquia Schedule - Fall 2009

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Saturday, January 5, 2013 - 6:45pm
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September 28
John Hale, Cornell
What a rational parser would do

October 5
Richard Kayne, NYU
Why is Syntax Antisymmetric?

October 12 &mdash Part of the Yale Historical Linguistics Series
Tony Kroch, University of Pennsylvania
Statistical Independence in Language Change

October 26
Edward Flemming, MIT
The Grammar of Coarticulation

November 9
Pauline Jacobson, Brown
The Short Answer: Implications for Direct Compositionality

November 16
Caroline Heycock, Edinburgh
Assessing variation in Germanic: Are the Faroes really between Iceland and Denmark?

November 30 Part of the Yale Historical Linguistics Series
Patience Epps, University of Texas
Valence change and the origins of modals: Evidence from Hup (Amazonia)

December 7
Erich Round, Yale University
Losing your modularity: the entwining of phonology and morphology in Kayardild

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