Monday Colloquia - Fall 2006

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Saturday, January 5, 2013 - 7:45pm
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September 11
Sandra Chung, UC Santa Cruz
Possessors and Definiteness Effects in Chamorro

September 12 (10am, LingSem)
Jim McCloskey, UC Santa Cruz
The Morphosyntax of Agreement in Irish

September 29 (12pm, LingSem)
Chris Collins, New York University
Home Sweet Home

October 9
Lisa Davidson, New York University
Acoustic detail vs. phonotactics in loanword adaptation

October 16
Don Ringe, University of Pennsylvania
Cladistic Methodology and West Germanic

October 23
David Pesetsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Why nouns and verbs build different kinds of phrases

November 13
Gennaro Chierchia, Harvard University

Countability, Individuation and Semantic Variation

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