Graduate Alumni

2018 Natalie Schrimpf

Effects of Topic Structure on Automatic Summarization (Robert Frank)

2018 Sara Sanchez-Alonso

The Cognitive Sources of Language Change and Variation:Connecting Synchronic Variation and Diachrony in
Spanish Copula Use 
(Maria Pinango)

2017 Leandro Bolaños

Perception and production of timing in non-native speech: Russian palatalization (Stephen Anderson)

2017 Yao-ying Lai

The complement coercion phenomenon: Implications for models of sentence processing   (Maria Piñango)

2017 Sabina Matyiku

Semantic effects of head movement: Evidence from Negative Auxiliary Inversion (Robert Frank & Raffaella Zanuttini)

2016  Jason Zentz

Forming wh-questions in Shona: A comparative Bantu perspective (Bob Frank & Raffaella Zanuttini)

2016  Nicole Palffy-Muhoray

Hungarian temporal and aspectual reference in the absence of dedicated markers (Ashwini Deo)

2015  E-Ching Ng

The phonology of contact: Creole sound change in context (Stephen Anderson)

2014  Emily Gasser

Windesi Wamesa morphophonology (Claire Bowern)

2014  Kelly Nedwick

Metalinguistic negation in English and Arabic (Laurence Horn)

2014  Michael Freedman

Frozen scope and grammatical optimization (Robert Frank)

2013  Ilkyu Kim

Korean -(n)un, salience, and information structure (Laurence Horn, Ashwini Deo)

2013  Mark Tiede

An MRI-based morphological approach to vocal tract area function estimation

2012  Argyro Katsika

Coordination in prosodic gestures at boundaries in Greek (Jelena Krivokapić)

2012  Yuan-Chen Jenny Yang

An Information Structure Approach to Passives: With Special Focus on Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Southern Min (Laurence Horn)

2011  Scott McClure

A system for inducing the phonology and inflectional morphology of a natural language (Gaja Jarosz, Stephen Anderson)

2010  Rajdip Dhillon

Stress and Tone in Indo-Aryan Languages (Darya Kavitskaya)

2010  Jennifer Mack

Information Structure and the Licensing of English Subjects (Laurence Horn)

2009  Erich Round

Kayardild morphology, phonology and morphosyntax (Stephen Anderson)

2009  Michael Proctor

Gestural Characterization of a Phonological Class: the Liquids (Darya Kavitskaya)

2009  Jodi Reich

Morphosyntax Acquisition in Children with Disorders of Spoken Language (Maria Babyonyshev)

2009  William Salmon

Dislocations, Context and Composition: or, Double Subjects in Brazilian Portuguese (Laurence Horn)

2008  Thomas Conners

Tengger Javanese (Dianne Jonas)

2008  Man Gao

Mandarin Tones: An Articulatory Phonology Account (Louis Goldstein)

2008  Minjung Son

The Nature of Korean Place Assimilation: Gestural Overlap and Gestural Reduction (Louis Goldstein)

2007  Chao Li

Mandarin Resultative Verb Compounds: Where Syntax, Semantics & Pragmatics Meet (Maria Babyonyshev, Laurence Horn)

2007  Hosung Nam

A Gestural Coupling Model of Syllable Structure (Louis Goldstein)

2007  Stefania Marin

Vowel to vowel coordination, diphthongs and Articulatory phonology (Louis Goldstein)

2006  Mariko Yanagawa

Articulatory Timing in First and Second Language: A Cross-Linguistic Study (Louis Goldstein)

2004  Petra Burkhardt

Representation and Interpretation at the Syntax-Discourse Interface: Establishing Dependency (Maria Piñango)

2003  Kuniyoshi Ishikawa

Predicates, Events, and Discourse: Representing the So-called Head-Internal relative Construction in Japanese (Laurence Horn)

2003  Marianne Pouplier

Units of Phonological Encoding: Empirical Evidence (Louis Goldstein)

2002  Iris Smorodinsky

Schwas with and without Active Gestural Control (Louis Goldstein)

2000  K. David Harrison

Topics in the Phonology and Morphology of Tuvan (Stephen Anderson)

2000  Seungja Choi

Negation in Korean and Japanese (Laurence Horn)

2000  William A. Vance

The Rigvedic temporal vocabulary, with linguistic notes on some related Indo-European words (Stanley Insler)

1999  Bryan Gick

Articulatory Basis of Syllable Structure: A Study of English Glides and Liquids (Louis Goldstein)

1999  Douglas N. Honorof

The Effect of Explicit Articulatory Training on Adult Gestural Acquisition (Louis Goldstein)

1999  Lizanne Kaiser

Morphosyntax of Clausal Nominalization Constructions (Stephen Anderson)

1997  Yuki Takatori

A Study of Phonological Constraint in Slavic Phonology (William Mahota/Draga Zec)

1996  Miles Beckwith

The Greek Reduplicated Aorist (B. Vine)

1996  M. David Greenspon

On Reflexives and Middles (Laurence Horn)

1996  Parviz Parsafar

Spatial Prepositions in Modern Persian (Laurence Horn)

1995  Rosanne H. Pelletier

Aspects of the Syntax and Morphology of Telugu (Laurence Horn)

1994  Cleo Condoravdi

Descriptions in Context (Donka Farkas)

1994  Sun-Hee Kim

Division of Labor between Grammar and Pragmatics: The Distribtuion and Interpretation of Anaphora (Laurence Horn)

1994  Simon Kimani Njogu

Discourse in East African Dialogue Poetry: A Sociolinguistic Approach (A. Biersteker)

1993  Margaret Hall Dunn

The Phonetics and Phonology of Geminate Consonants: Evidence from Finnish and Italian (Louis Goldstein)

1993  Martha Wang Gallagher

A Study of Reduplicatives in the Chu Cí  (Hugh Stimson)

1993  Elizabeth C. Zsiga

Features, Gestures & the Temporal Aspects of Phonological Organization  (Louis Goldstein)

1992  Caroline L. Smith

The Temporal Organization of Vowel and Consonant Gestures  (Louis Goldstein)

1992  Peter Hendriks

History & Development of Nominal Predication in 8th Century Japanese  (S. Martin)

1991  Andre M. Cooper

An Articulatory Account of Aspiration in English  (Louis Goldstein)

1990  Sung Bom Lee

On the Form and Interpretation of Inflectional Anaphora  (Donka Farkas)

1989  Harriet S. Magen

Acoustic Study of Vowel-Vowel Coarticulation in English (Louis Goldstein)

1989  Rena A. Krakow

Articulatory Organization of Syllables: Kinematic Analysis of Labial and Velar Gestures (Louis Goldstein)

1988  Suzanne E. Boyce

The Influence of Phonological Structure on Articulatory Organization in Turkish and English: Vowel Harmony and Coarticularion    (Louis Goldstein)

1987  Sharon Y. Manuel

Acoustic & Perceptual Consequences of V-V Coarticulation in Three Bantu Languages (Louis Goldstein)

1985  Alexander C. Lehrman

Simple Thematic Imperfectives in Anatolian and Indo-European (Warren Cowgill)

1985  Charles E. Hoequist, Jr.

A Comparative Study of Linguistic Rhythm (Louis Goldstein)

1985  Greer Watson

Pronouns and Prepositional Phrases (Laurence Horn)

1984  Donald A. Ringe, Jr.

Perfect Tense in Greek Inscriptions (Warren Cowgill)

1984  Leon A. Serafim

Shondu: The Prehistory of a Northern Ryukyuan Dialect in Japanese (Samuel E. Martin)

1982  Janet Elaine Gertz

The Nominative-Accusative Neuter Plural in Anatolian (Warren Cowgill)

1982  Karen E. Sandness

The Evolution of the Japnese Past and Perfect Particles in the Muromati Periods (Samuel E. Martin)

1982  Michael A. Covington

Syntactic Theory in the Late Middle Ages: Modernistic Models of Sentence Structure (Rulon Wells)

1982  Doug Whalen

Perceptual Effects of Phonetic Mismatches (Louis Goldstein)

1979  May Chao Shih

Methods for Diagnosing Subsystems of L2 Grammars  

1979  William H. Cook

A Grammar of North Carolina Cherokee   (Floyd Lounsbury)

1977  Andrea G. Levitt

The Effects of Clause Structure on Memory for Sentences

1977  Stephanie Wroth Jamison

The -aya- Verbal Formations in Vedic Sanskrit   (Stanley Insler)

1975  J. Marshall Unger

Studies in Early Japanese Morphophonemics   (Samuel Martin)

1975  Ronald W. Beukema

A Grammatical Sketch of Chimborazo Quicha   (Floyd Lounsbury)

1975  Samuel R. Ramsey, Jr.

Accent and Morphology in Korean Dialects   (Samuel Martin)

1975  Shigeru Tsuchida

Reconstruction of Proto-Tsouic Phonology   (Isidore Dyen)

1974  Jared S. Klein

The Particle u in the Riqveda   (Stanley Insler)

1974  Curtis D. McFarland

The Dialects of the Bikol Area   (Isidore Dyen)

1974  Marianne Mithun

A Grammar of Tuscarora   (Floyd Lounsbury)

1974  Paul D. Black

Lowland East Cushitic: Reconstruction & Subgrouping   (Isidore Dyen)

1974  Thomas G. Dieterich

Non-pronominal Anaphora and Specificity in English   (Rulon Wells)

1973  Bernd Nothofer

The Reconstruction of Proto-Malayo-Javanic   (Isidore Dyen)

1973  Clifford Abbott

Derivations of English Infinitives   (Rulon Wells)

1973  William M. Christie, Jr.

A Stratificational View of Linguistic Change   (Sydney Lamb)

1972  Paul Alexander Humez

The Vocalic System of Modern Standard French

1971  Hans Henrich Hock

The So-Called AeoIic Inflection of the Greek Contract Verbs   (Warren Cowgill)

1971  Jorge E. Hankamer

Constraints on Deletion Rules in Syntax

1970  Delagnel H. Roop

A Grammar of the Lisu Language   (William Cornyn)

1970  David Francis

Greek Disyllabic Roots: The Aorist Formations   (Warren Cowgill)

1970  David C. Bennett

Spatial & Temporal Uses of English Presuppositions

1969  H. Christoph Wolfart

An Outline of Plains Cree Morphology   (Floyd Lounsbury)

1969  Yoshihiko Ikegami

The Semiotic Structure of the English Verbs of Motion

1968  Elizabeth W. Barber

The Computer-Aided Analysis of Undeciphered Ancient Texts

1968  Sarah Thomason

Noun Suffixation in Serbo-Croatian Dialects   (Alexander Schenker)

1967  Andrew L. Sihler

On the Phonemic Status of the Proto-Indoeuropean Resonants   (Warren Cowgill)

1967  Henry E. Rogers

The Phonology And Morphology Of Sherbro

1967  John Guy Fought

A Grammar of Chortí

1967  Paul H. Voorhis

A Grammar of Kickapoo

1966  Frederick J. Damerau

Empirical Investigation of Statistically Generated Sentences

1966  Raimo Anttila

Proto-Indoeuropean Schwa-ablaut   (Warren Cowgill)

1966  Adam Makkai

The idiom structure of English   (Rulon Wells)

1965  John U. Wolff

Syntax of Cebuano Bisayari   (Isidore Dyen)

1964  Valerie Becker Makkai

Verb structures of Modern Literary Arabic and Lebanese Colloquial Arabic

1964  W. Keith Percival

A Grammar of Toba-Batak   (Isidore Dyen)

1964  Alan M. Stevens

A Grammar of Madurese   (Isidore Dyen)

1964  Kay R.M. Williamson

The Kolokuma dialect of Ijo   (Bernard Bloch)

1962  Samuel Jay Keyser

The Dialect of Samuel Worcester   (Helge Kökeritz)

1961  John J. Chew, Jr.

A transformational analysis of the syntax of Colloquial Japanese

1960  George Cardona

The Indo-European thematic aorists   (Warren Cowgill)

1960  Karl M.D. Rosen

Greek loans in Latin through the period of the Republic

1960  Herbert Landar

Navaho syntax   (Floyd Lounsbury)

1959  Hugh M. Stimson

The Chung-yüan yin yüng: A study in an Early Mandarin phonological system

1958  Wallace Chafe

Seneca morphology

1958  Robert A. Bays

Tense and aspect in Spanish

1958  Franklin Southworth

An experiment in the comparative method based on four modern Indic languages

1957  Warren Cowgill

The Indoeuropean longavowel preterites

1955  John C. Street

Outline grammar of the language of the Secret History of the Mongols

1955  Betty J. Sheft

Grammatical method in Pivini

1955  Roderick Ross Macdonald

Russian prepositions

1955  Warren Held

The relative sentence in Hittite

1955  Kun Chng

The Kathinavastu (study of a Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit text)

1954  Lawrence C. Thompson

Grammar of South Vietnamese

1954  Richard B. Noss

Outline of Siamese grammar

1953  Alfred Sheldon Wise

Russian noun suffixation

1953  Alexander Schenker

Nominal inflection in modern colloquial Polish

1953  Howard B. Garey

1950  Andrew H. Yarrow

1950  Eleanor H. Jorden

1950  Samuel E. Martin

Notable Linguists Awarded Yale Degrees in Other Fields

1963  Paul Postal

(PhD Anthropology):  Some Syntactic Rules in Mohawk

1963  Stanley Insler

(PhD Far Eastern Languages & Literatures)

1955  Harold C. Conklin

(PhD Anthropology)  

1949  Floyd G. Lounsbury

(PhD Anthropology):  Comparative Iroquoian Morphology

1939  Charles F. Hockett

(PhD Anthropology):  A Descriptive Grammar of the Potawatomi Language

1935  Mary Haas

(PhD Anthropology):  A Grammar of the Tunica Language

1933  Walter Dyk

(PhD Anthropology):  A Grammar of Wishram

1933  Morris Swadesh

(PhD Anthropology):  The Internal Economy of the Nootka Word

1933  Stanley Stewart Newman

(PhD Anthropology):  A Grammatical Sketch of Yokuts

1778  Noah Webster