Graduate Admissions

Applications to study linguistics at Yale should be made through the Graduate School of Arts and Science. You can begin the application process here, where you will also find detailed information about the application process, including submission deadlines.

If you have questions about the application process check the Graduate Admissions FAQs. If you have specific questions about graduate study in linguistics at Yale, please first check the Graduate Studies FAQs and our general web site. We encourage students who are applying to our program to be as specific as possible in describing their interests and the connection between these interests and those of the Linguistics faculty at Yale.  Looking at faculty research and our graduate student web pages can be very helpful in figuring out the goodness of fit between your interests and ours.

If you require further information, please contact Mr. Chris McDaniel.

We encourage appropriately qualified students to apply for Yale’s post-baccalaureate education programs. More information is available through Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Diversity Program, or contact the Director of Graduate Studies for further information.