Steve Anderson delivers invited lecture at Philological Society in Cambridge, UK

January 1, 2016

On December 4, Professor Steve Anderson presented an invited lecture to the Philological Society at Murray-Edwards College in Cambridge (UK), in honor of Prof. Peter Matthews. The lecture was entitled “Words and Paradigms: Peter H. Matthews and the Development of Morphological Theory.” The abstract is as follows:

A comprehensive review of linguistic accounts of the structure of words and their relation to one another would of course have to begin long ago, with the work of grammarians in the classical Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Arabic and other traditions. As a starting point for an understanding of the views on morphology held by linguists today, though, it seems reasonable to focus on the development of this field over the course of the twentieth century, and especially during the last half of that century, when the work of Peter Matthews played a particularly important role.

A manuscript of the lecture, which has been submitted to the Transactions of the Philological Society, may be found on Steve’s website (PDF).

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